Tips about Edible Icing Image Cake Toppers

Images or photos printed on edible icing look impressive on cakes. Easily add a professional finish to any baked or bought cake within minutes. It’s a fun and affordable way to celebrate any special occasion!

Whether you’ve used one before or a novice makes no difference provided you follow the instructions included with your topper on the application and removal from the backing sheet.

We only use KopyKake brand edible icing also referred to as “frosting” in the USA. KopyKake icing was originally developed for commercial use within the cake baking industry who later also began supplying to the domestic market.

There are many brands on the market, however there are few that contain no allergens, nuts, dairy are gluten free, GMO free and are also Kosher certified.

The only similarity between KopyKake and other brands is that it’s a thin layer of icing made for printing images using food grade edible ink through dedicated printers. That said to enable printing on icing through a printer it needs to be stuck to a plastic backing sheet for rigidity.

So how is the icing image removed from the backing sheet to apply to a cake you may ask?
There are several method’s however through testing we’ve found that placing it in the freezer for several minutes is by far the best and easiest way. That’s right freezing it off!

Now, icing being icing can at times undergo an environmental change (during storage or transportation) and by this I mean a change in the ambient temperature in its environment at the time. Humidity can cause it to absorb moisture, this is normal and will happen with any brand of edible icing used for printing. However, don’t despair when this happens all is not lost and the moisture can be removed 100% leaving you with a perfectly good cake topper ready to be used on your cake! Please contact us for further information.

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